Hochzeitstanz Privatstunden mit Philip Banyer


How long before our wedding should we start our dancing lessons?
Ideally you should begin your lessons between 8 and 10 weeks before your wedding. If you have
less time we can of course also arrange lessons to suit the shorter timescale.

Where does the lesson take place?
For your convenience the private wedding dance lessons take place in the comfort of your own
home. It means you can learn in a relaxed atmosphere, and it also saves you travel time in the
hectic lead up to your big day. Possible districts are: Hinwil, Uster, Bülach, Meilen and Horgen.
Other areas on request.

How much space do I need?
You need roughly 4 m2 . If you can both stretch your arms out to the side and turn around without
bumping into anything, you have enough space.

What if I don’t have enough room?
If you have friends or family nearby it could be possible to hold the lessons there (or
even an office meeting room, or best a dance studio). I also have access to 3
halls/dance studios on certain days & times. These are situated in Wallisellen,
Gossau ZH, and Richterswil. 

When should we contact you to book our dance lessons?
Try to contact me at least 4 weeks before you would like your dance lessons to start. If you have
less time I will do my best to still arrange the lessons for you.

How much is each dance lesson?
I offer different packages. Please refer to that page for all the details.

How long is each dance lesson?
One lesson is 1.5h / 90 Minutes

When are the dance lessons held?
Lessons are normally held in the evenings and at weekends, as this seems to be
most convenient for our couples. Daytime is naturally also not a problem.

How many dance lessons will we need?
This depends on your experience, your timescale and your dreams and ideas of your perfect first
dance. Please refer the “packages” page for more descriptions and details.

How do we book or inquirer?
First of all please send an email with any questions you might have and contact details. After this
I will contact you by phone and/or email through each of the stages of the booking process.

How and when do we pay for our dance lessons?
Payment can be made after a singular lesson. Booking of packages of multiple lessons then the
payment has to be made before the package starts. Twint/cash or bank transfer is possible for

What do we have to wear?
Anything comfortable that doesn’t restrict your movement. Ideally the bride will be
able to wear shoes similar to her wedding shoes for at least one of the later lessons.

Can you help us?
Absolutely! Yes I am experienced working with couples who have no dance
experience at all. I will happily guide you through every step until you are completely
comfortable and have a routine that suits you within your capabilities.

Are the lessons held in English or German?
The lessons generally are held in English. Very basic German is possible.

Conditions and Terms
Policy of Cancellation - minimum 48 hours notice prior to the lesson is required to re-schedule or cancel the lesson.
Lesson canceled with less than 48 hours notice have to be then payed in full. One week's notice is preferred if a cancelation is decided.

Bedingungen und Konditionen
Stornierungsrichtlinien - Mindestens 48 Stunden vor der Lektion, um die Lektion zu verschieben oder zu stornieren.
Lektionen, die weniger als 48 Stunden im Voraus abgesagt werden, müssen vollständig bezahlt werden. Eine Absage von einer Woche im Voraus wird bevorzugt.